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SWEET MEMORIES OF FERNDALE: Celebrating with Food & Love
Ad for Sweet Memories of Ferndale cookbook

Three decades of memories, stories, and recipes centered around key Eel River Valley events in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. Written by people who were there. A treasure of local history and good food, and a sequel to our best-selling cookbook that covered the '30s, '40s, and '50s: Old Favorites from Ferndale Kitchens (now in its second edition and still for sale).

Sweet Memories of Ferndale has a publication date of  December 8, 2021. Order now for your holiday gift-giving!

312pp., $40 plus shipping and sales tax
Along the Banks of the Salt River
Along the Banks of the Salt River cover

A history of the land and people in the region that includes Port Kenyon, Arlynda Corners, Camp Weeott, Meridian, and the Island.

167 pages; $22.95, plus shipping
At the Banks of the Eel
At the Banks of the Eel cover

Stories, photos and historical accounts of the early days of Grizzly Bluff, Waddington, Price Creek and Howe Creek.

170 pages; $22.95, plus shipping
A Gathering of the Past, Parts I and II
A Gathering of the Past, Parts I and II cover

Stories of the Danish immigrant Svendsen and Christiansen families, including Peter Philipsen, founder of the Humboldt Creamery. Old photos of Loleta, Fernbridge, and Ferndale.

Part I, $18; Part II, $45.
Images of America: Ferndale
Images of America: Ferndale cover

Drawing on the extensive photographic collection of the Ferndale Museum, the authors trace the history of the valley from the first home to modern events. Published by Arcadia Press, 2004.

$21.99, plus shipping
Where the Ferns Grew Tall
Where the Ferns Grew Tall cover

Written by the students of Beverly Carlson’s U.S. History class, this local history was compiled from interviews by the students with “old-timers” and pioneers in the town and on the farms. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, the book is filled with solid research and dozens of interviews. Now in its second edition, it remains the definitive history of the Eel River Valley.

322 pages; $25.99, but now on sale for $15.00, plus shipping
Seth Kinman’s I’m A Gonna Tell Ya A Yarn...
Seth Kinman’s I’m A Gonna Tell Ya A Yarn... cover

George Richmond, a neighbor of Seth Kinman in the 1880s, gathered these tales, some quite tall, of the life of this early “mountain man” who was a self-made celebrity. Richmond presents these stories in Kinman’s narrative style. The book was compiled by R. H. “Rob” Roberts from the Andrew Genzoli Collection at the Humboldt State University Library. An exclusive to the Ferndale Museum.

125 pages; $14.95, plus shipping
Seth Kinman’s Manuscript and Scrapbook
 Seth Kinman’s Manuscript and Scrapbook cover

The complete manuscripts and scrapbook with newspaper clippings and a biographical chronology.

$19.95, plus shipping
Place Names of Humboldt County, California, A Compendium: 1542-2009, Second Edition
Place Names of Humboldt County, California, A Compendium: 1542-2009, Second Edition cover

The origins, evolutions, and definitions of more than 3,200 place names, includes more than 200 photographs.

$50.00, plus shipping
Both Sides of the Bluff
Both Sides of the Bluff cover

The regions of the lower Eel and Van Duzen rivers, Table Bluff, and the south end of Humboldt Bay, with chapters on 31 separate settlements, from Scotia to Fields Landing; Hydesville to Centerville.

400 pages; $40.00 plus shipping

DVDs for Sale

Letters Home
Letters Home disc

The editor of the Ferndale Enterprise, George Waldner, asked the servicemen and women from the Eel River Valley and Bear River to write letters back to their hometown newspaper about their experiences during World War II. Dozens did so. In 2004, researcher Ann Roberts and VFW Auxiliary member Elsie Giacomini compiled the Enterprise’s war clippings into a book from which Letters Home was produced. In 2010, Letters Home won the Western History Association’s Autry Prize for Public History. The two-disc collection includes a full list of the 439 men and women who served in those years and uncut veteran interviews.

$20 plus shipping
Saving the Queen: The Story of Fernbridge
Saving the Queen: The Story of Fernbridge poster

The feature-length movie, partially funded by a grant from the California Council on the Humanities, highlights the engineering marvel of this 109-year-old icon.

$20 plus shipping
Coming of Age in Korea
Coming of Age in Korea poster

A feature-length original documentary tells the stories of Korean War veterans from the Eel River Valley as related by the men and their families. A narrative by professor Robert Cliver of Humboldt State University anchors the story, putting the individual experiences in historical context. Includes original music, vintage military film, dozens of photographs of local and international people and events in addition to the video interviews of the veterans.

$20 plus shipping
Lords of the Ring
Lords of the Ring poster

When a 50-year-old pro boxer decides to train for a comeback, his willingness to take the risk changes his life—and the life of an old friend. Film includes a group of former amateur boxers who reunite to share memories of their Golden Gloves triumphs.

$15 plus shipping

Additional video features and shorts:
The Lost Village of Camp Weeott, Home on the Grange & Walking the Wildcat, Working in the Woods, The Flood of ’64, Familiar Faces, and Outtakes are also available in short stock. Please inquire at to check availability and price.