Tours & Coming Events

The staff and volunteers of The Ferndale Museum are delighted to help members plan events, tours, reunions, and educational programs. During this time of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, we welcome inquiries, and hope that we will be able to schedule events soon, always with the safety of our visitors, members, volunteers and staff as our foremost priority.

Plan Your Event, Tour or Educational Program

The Ferndale Museum is a lovely venue for a class reunion ice-breaker, a family reunion get-together, a class field trip, an organization's monthly program, or any group outing. Call us to plan your visit: 707-786-4466 or email us at

Photo, above, is the Joe McIntosh Annex, where a 19th century blacksmithing forge is often in use and visitors are welcome. The rest of the space is, as one visitor joked, "Husband heaven." It features old tools and equipment from ranching, dairying, and lumber mill, a complete 19th century tool box with inventory identified, and so much more.

Sweet Memories of Ferndale: Celebrating with Food and Love

drawing of a woman holding a pie, captioned sweet memories

In 1994, The Ferndale Museum published its first historical cookbook, Old Favorites from Ferndale Kitchens. The book focused on three decades--the '30s, '40s, and '50s--of local history and memorable food.

We are excited to announce that a sequel, Sweet Memories of Ferndale: Celebrating with Food and Love, will be published in in October 2021.

Focusing on four decades of history, the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s, this new book will have stories, photographs and, of course, delicious recipes (including some of the most popular desserts from the first five years of our Sweet Memories Dessert Auction).  We have had to take a two-year hiatus from that Mother's Day weekend tradition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic; we hope to see you again on the Saturday before Mother's Day in 2022!

In the meantime, place your early orders now for the this remarkable book of local history and food; it is our major fundraiser for 2021.  (Questions? Call Wendy Lestina, 707-786-9196).

Sweet Memories of Ferndale: Celebrating with Food and Love, $38 plus shipping.